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Veterans Day Activities in Massachusetts – Lowell MA

veterans-day-2Veterans Day in the United States is November 11th. It’s a day when we as Americans are thankful to the tens of thousands of veterans who served our country with honor and integrity over the years. We show our respect and gratefulness for those who have protected our country, and for those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States of America.

History of Veterans Day

Veterans Day was first celebrated as Armistice Day. Armistice Day signified the end of fighting between Germany and the allies in World War I. This happened at the 11th hour, on the 11th day, of the 11th month of the year in 1918. The holiday was first created by Woodrow Wilson and was supposed to be a day of celebrating soldiers and peace. In 1954, veterans pushed to change the name to ‘Veterans Day.’ The day was to celebrate American soldiers who served in all wars and battles in US history. Veterans Day has also represented the American way of life, but regardless of what the ideology behind the holiday at the time, it was always meant to honor and appreciate veterans who unselfishly served our country so that we can live in a place that cherishes the freedom provided by those who served under our flag.

Parades in Massachusetts

Massachusetts will celebrate Veterans Day with various ceremonies and parades across the state. Boston will host two parades for Veterans Day, and will have a cruise to Fort Warren so that people can learn more about Boston’s military history. The first parade will begin at 1pm EST and start at the corner of Boyston and Tremont streets. The second parade will follow the first parade, and it’s called the ‘Veterans for Peace Day,’ keeping true to the idea behind the original Armistice Day. There will also be a Veterans Walk and Run which is sponsored by ‘Back on My Feet Boston.’ It starts at the New England Center for Homeless Veterans and follows a route around Boston Common. It returns to the New England Center for Homeless Veterans where there will be a dinner. There will be several other events, discounts, and restaurants giving free meals to veterans all over the state of Massachusetts.

Other cities in Massachusetts will have their own celebrations. In Salem, there will be Blessing of the Flags at St. Mary’s Cemetery. In Middleton, there will be a ceremony at the Flint Public Library at 11am. Hamilton will serve breakfast to veterans at The American Legion Post 194. Ipswich will host a parade which will start at the War Memorial at 11am. If you’d like to participate in a Veterans Day event in Massachusetts, simply google your town/city along with ‘Veterans Day Events’ and check out the local activities.

Helpful Resources

If you are a veteran in need, or if you know of a veteran in need, there are several resources that can help in the state of Massachusetts. Please see and use the following if you are a veteran or you know a veteran who needs assistance:

Homelessness: 1-877-424-3838 or

Housing For Disabled Veterans: 1-800-827-6311 or

Health Care:

Education Benefits: 617-391-6070 or

Employment Rights: 1-866-4-USA-DOL or

Legal Assistance:

Family Resources: 1-855- 260-3274 or

Support Groups
: 1-855- 260-3274 or

We will be forever grateful for our men and women in uniform, for without them we have nothing. God bless the USA, and have a heartfelt and safe Veterans Day. On this day and every day The Law Office of George C. Malonis salutes our Veterans and all those currently serving.

By George Malonis


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