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Trusts Lawyer in Massachusetts & NHTrusts Lawyer in Massachusetts

When it comes to estate planning options and how best to care for those left behind, there are a variety of options. If you choose not to take advantage of estate planning options when it comes to your money, the family who is left behind could have to contend with expensive probate court costs, even just to accomplish what you may have wanted done anyways. Simply leaving a set amount of money to certain individuals can lead to enormous losses through gift taxes also. The estate taxes that can be tacked onto any funds you simply leave in a will can put a dent in what actually gets left behind for your loved ones also. When you know what you want to allocate and you want to do it in the most controlled and economically feasible manner, you may want to learn more about trusts. George C. Malonis can further explain how setting up a trust as part of your estate planning process can help you and your family protect your funds and also use those funds as you see fit. Attorney Malonis has also helped clients in areas of probate law & health care proxy law.

Benefits of a Trust

Trusts are beneficial for a variety of reasons and circumstances. You essentially leave a certain amount to a certain person or persons and have the options of attaching specific guidelines as to its use. A trust is often used to designate funds to be used for higher education needs or to allocate funds to care for an adult child who may have special needs and need long-term care. Trusts can also be designed to give certain amounts over a set period of time, such as milestone birthdays or events like weddings, purchasing a home, or graduations. There truly is unlimited flexibility when it comes to the stipulations that can be a part of any trusts. The appeal of being able to actually designate how funds you have worked so hard for are used can’t be overstated.

Don’t Put it Off

If you are interested in the flexibility and benefits of creating a trust or drafting a legal will for the allocation of your hard earned money, let the expert Massachusetts trusts attorney at the law firm of George C. Malonis help you get started. We will go over the many options and devise a legal way of making sure your wishes are adhered to and those you leave behind are cared for. The law firm of George C. Malonis is the compassionate and dedicated authority on how trusts can help your money go further and how you can have a real say in what becomes of all you have worked for.

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