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Travel Safety Tip for Thanksgiving in Massachusetts – Lowell Injury Attorney

Thanksgiving Day is close to the hearts of the people of Massachusetts, as it is the place where the first Thanksgiving was held back in 1621.  Sumptuous feasts of turkey, corn, candied yams, and pumpkin pie grace the dinner tables of not only Massachusetts but also most of US residents during this day.    

happy-thanksgivingFamilies place a lot of importance on this holiday not only because of its historical significance, but also because it is an opportunity to reunite with loved ones.  Many people will take to the roads and air this season to spend Thanksgiving with family or friends.  Expect streets and airports to be full this season.

Be Prepared – Watch The Weather Before Traveling

All the more fitting it is to remind all travelers about keeping safe and worry-free this Thanksgiving season.  Are you aware that traffic-related accidents are at their worst during this time? This is mainly because of road conditions typical during the season, like icy roads and fog which could impede visibility. 

During Thanksgiving parties, people tend to overeat and overdrink. Some insist on driving even when they have had one too many. This is a surefire way to get into an accident this season.  Or, the intoxicated person may find himself slapped with DUI charges in a state which enforces some of the toughest laws on drunk driving.

Thankfully, this year’s Thanksgiving weather in Massachusetts is predicted to be only moderately cold with mostly sunny conditions.

You and your family can make your Thanksgiving holiday in Massachusetts even more enjoyable by simply following a few sensible travel safety tips:

•    Always allow plenty of time for everything, whether preparing for your trip or driving to your destination.  Never rush through traffic as this can endanger you and your passengers.

•    Make sure that your car is in tiptop condition.  Check the oil, water, and other fluid levels.  Also have sufficient amount of fuel to save yourself from the hassle of having to stop for refueling.

•    Be well-equipped for the road trip especially if it’s more than two hours long.  Bring extra water, clothing, food, medications, and other provisions, especially if you have an elderly or disabled person traveling with you.

•    Check your tires and brakes.  Many road accidents happen due to malfunction of these parts.

•    Plan your route before leaving.  Check Google Maps or other reliable navigation apps.  Take note of areas marked with heavy traffic, as well as any rerouting due to road conditions.

•    Check the weather conditions.  If snow is expected in the area (generally not this year), you need to install snow tires or chains.

•    Take a few short breaks in order to rest, use the restroom, or eat.

•    Never use your cell phone while you are driving.  Instead, have your companion take the calls and messages.  Or pull over before answering a call or replying to a text.

•    Obey all traffic laws, especially speed limits.

•    Keep your cool during heavy traffic. It’s something you can’t control anyway.  Sing or engage in conversation with your companions.

•    Take turns with your companions in driving to allow each other rest time.

•    If injured in an automobile accident that you believe was due to negligence from the other party, get help immediately, then contact an injury lawyer as soon as possible.

By George Malonis


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