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Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Massachusetts & NHSexual Harassment Lawyer in Massachusetts

Dealing with sexual harassment can be a particularly challenging, emotional, and distressing time in anyone’s life. One thing anyone who has been the victim of sexual harassment should know is that it is simply unlawful and unacceptable. If you feel you have been the victim of sexual harassment, you have rights and you deserve justice. George C. Malonis is an experienced employment law attorney who can get you the justice you deserve and help you move on from a sexual harassment suit with the most favorable resolution possible.

There are various behaviors, communications, and conduct in general that legally constitutes sexual harassment.

Signs of Sexual Harassment Behavior

Some of the most common or widely recognized behaviors or conducts that can lead to a sexual harassment claim include:

  • Sexual advances
  • Request for sexual favors
  • Verbal or physical conduct that is sexual in nature
  • Intimidation into sexual acts or favors
  • Being made to feel (implicitly or explicitly) a job or promotion hinges on obliging sexual favors or accepting sexual advances without complaint
  •  Contending with a humiliating or offensive work environment due to sexual innuendos, jokes, unwanted physical contact or other behaviors


Harassment Investigations

While a case of sexual harassment may seem very cut and dry for the person being harassed, it can be difficult to prove. There are situations where it can literally become a “he said, she said” case. This doesn’t mean it is hopeless to pursue a sexual harassment claim. With the help of the compassionate and understanding Massachusetts sexual harassment attorney’s at the law firm of George C. Malonis, you can get the justice and closure you need. George C. Malonis will work to gather evidence, interview witnesses or past employees, help with all documentation, and explore every possible avenue to help bring your case to the resolution you deserve. For many affected by and who have suffered through sexual harassment, their reputation and need to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone else in the work place is at stake. George C. Malonis knows how vital it is to successfully prove a sexual harassment claim in order to safeguard your reputation, protect the future of your career, and help stop someone who has taken advantage of a position of power.

Effects of Sexual Harassment

The details and trauma that can come along with a sexual harassment experience can be hard to handle and affect every area of your life. There are also no gender rules either, as anyone of either gender can be the victim and also the perpetrator. Sexual harassment simply goes way beyond the stereotypes you may have always known. It can be overt and frightening, and it can also be subtle and humiliating. The embarrassment, shame, and even feelings of having brought it on yourself are all not unlike those felt by someone who has been sexual assaulted or abused. You may be uncertain of what will happen if you start making accusations against the offender. If you accuse someone of sexual harassment of high authority, you may have a fear of being wrongfully terminated. These accusations can have serious consequences and it needs to be dealt with in order to be stopped. George C. Malonis has the dedication, determination, and the empathy needed to help you heal, protect your rights, and defend your personal and professional reputation when you have been the victim of sexual harassment. Let the law firm of George C. Malonis hear the details of your case and see if we can help secure the resolution you need and deserve.

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