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Parental Rights and Disputes Laws in Massachusetts & NH

Parental Rights and Disputes Attorney inm MassachusettsWhen it comes to disputes and parental rights issues in the Massachusetts family law courts, the needs or problems of a family or individual can be as unique as the families involved. There may also be no other area of the legal system where emotions run higher or the stakes are as serious as can be. When it comes to any kind of parental rights or dispute issues, there isn’t a more compassionate, understanding, and dedicated legal resource than Massachusetts divorce attorney George C. Malonis.

Paternity and parental rights are extremely important matters and you need an advocate in your corner who you can trust to fight diligently for your rights. There may be issues pertaining to the quest to terminate parental rights, establish parental rights, removal of a child from one household, or even disputes over specific areas of custody. Typical child custody issues that lead to dispute that may require the intervention of the courts and the representation of a skilled parental rights and disputes expert can include:

  • Living arrangements of a child
  • Education disputes
  • Health care or religious disputes
  • Travel or relocation
  • Support for a child

Benefits to Hiring a Family Lawyer

Whether the parents are or ever have been married can greatly affect how parental rights and disputes are handled in a family court. Regardless of the individual wants or desired outcome any parental unit may be seeking, Massachusetts family law judges work tirelessly to establish evidence and take every aspect of a case into consideration so they can ultimately act in the best interests of the child. With legal representation from the law firm of George C. Malonis, our parental rights and disputes specialist will fight to ensure your side is properly presented. George C. Malonis will take the time necessary to learn about your case and your individual situation so as to work as aggressively as possible to get you the most favorable outcome. With George C. Malonis in your corner, you can trust you are getting the most comprehensive and skilled representation in the area. Our dedication to resolving your parental rights or disputes issues means you can take the time to focus on what you need to do while we focus on the details and the legal matters at hand. George C. Malonis will be more than an attorney, but an advocate whose diligence towards your case is unwavering and geared toward the best possible resolution for everyone involved.


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