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Modification and Contempt Laws in Massachusetts & NH

There are a number of reasons someone may find themselves in the midst of a contempt case or modification case. Many may also wrongfully think that they do not need legal representation for a contempt or modification hearing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Having a skilled family law negotiator and litigator from the law firm of George C. Malonis on your side during your contempt or modification case can make all the difference in the outcome. When you want the most favorable resolution, you need expert representation. Attorney Malonis serves all of Middlesex & Hillsborough County.

Contempt Cases

A contempt case comes about when the court believes there has been non-compliance of a court order. Many times, these court orders pertain to family law issues. A motion of contempt is typically filed related to non-payment of child support or alimony, non-compliance of visitation, or non-compliance with a property division agreement. If one party can prove that the non-compliance of a court order was willful and in direct disobedience of the order, then the other person can be made to pay what is owed or follow through with the order as it stands. Jail can even be a consequence of non-compliance, as can losing your driver’s license, or even wage garnishment.

If you have tried all other reasonable means to get what is owed to you or get the settlement you ordered to receive, seeking a contempt charge against the other party may be the only means of getting what you are due. If you have the assistance of a dedicated lawyer on our side, your chance of a favorable outcome is substantially increased. Also, if you have been held in contempt for non-compliance of a court order, having experienced and compassionate legal representation from the law firm of George C. Malonis can be the first step to putting the incident behind you.

Modification Cases

Modifications through the court can be sought for any number of reasons. These most commonly involve modifications to the amount someone owes in child support, modifications to visitation agreements, custody or even alimony payments. Some of the most common reasons a modification is sought include:

  • A paying parent loses their job or gets a substantial boost in income
  • The other parent takes on custody
  • A change in the needs of a child who gets support
  • One parent becomes ill
  • Drug or alcohol problems affect custody
  • Education needs of a child
  • Parent relocates
  • Changes in health insurance that covers the child
  • Parents need to modify visitation based on change in schedules

The reasons can be as varied and individual as the parents and children involved. Whether you are seeking to modify an agreement for support, visitation, or custody, it is imperative that you have legal counsel looking out for your rights. Attempting to navigate the modification process without legal guidance can mean agreeing terms that are unfair and not in your or your child’s best interests. When you have the law firm of George C. Malonis helping you navigate the modification process, you have a greater chance of having your terms considered and getting the best possible outcome based on your needs.

When you are involved in either a modification or contempt case, you need a legal advocate who will take the time to hear your side and understand your specific and individual needs. The modification and contempt lawyer at the law firm of George C. Malonis is the lawyer who will fight to get the resolution you want and the results you need.

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