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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Massachusetts & NH

Domestic Violence attorney in Lowell MAWhenever domestic violence touches your life or your family, it can be an extremely emotional and troubling time. Domestic violence in Massachusetts is taken very seriously. Regardless of whether you are the accuser in the case or the accused, you have rights and the outcome of a domestic violence case can have long-term effects on your family, your reputation, and your livelihood. When a domestic violence charge or case is affecting you or your family, it is imperative that you retain experienced, understanding, and compassionate legal counsel who will do everything possible to protect your rights. Massachusetts family law attorney George C. Malonis understands the complexities and emotions that encompass any domestic violence case. As your Massachusetts domestic violence attorney, He will dedicate the time needed to learn all of the facts and help determine the best course of action so you can obtain the best possible resolution.

Domestic Violence Defined

Domestic violence is defined as actual physical harm or abuse, an attempt to harm, causing someone to have a fear that they are in imminent danger of being harmed, or also forcing another to engage in sexual behavior using fear, force or threats.

In Massachusetts, any call to a household pertaining to domestic violence will result in a mandatory arrest. While there are times when the details or who is even at fault can be very difficult to decipher, someone will face a charge and the other party will not have the ability to have that charge dropped, even if they want to. There may a great deal of fear, confusion, and anger for both parties involved. A domestic violence charge can lead to a 209A restraining order against the offender and a serious upheaval of a family. It can also be a time of fear for both parties as they await an outcome. George C. Malonis can help by determining the facts of the case and preparing an accuser or the accused for what may happen. While the district attorney will ultimately decide how to pursue the charges, both parties need to be protected and guided through the process and what awaits them. With George C. Malonis in your corner, you will know what to expect and how best to move forward.


Legal Representation

Domestic violence needs to be taken seriously and the aftermath for either party can have a ripple effect in unexpected ways. When you have George C. Malonis, your local Massachusetts domestic violence expert, by your side, you will have an advocate who will listen to our story, understand what the case means to you and your family, and you can count on a fair, just, and timely resolution.

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