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Decision Making and Residential Responsibilities Laws Massachusetts & NH

When it comes to family law matters and children, there is much more to consider than just where a child lives and how much child support will cost one parent. Even when families split and parents go from being married to being co-parents who no longer share a home, there is still a magnitude of decisions to be made together. While the bulk of these decisions and responsibilities pertaining to where a child lives are handled efficiently and without dispute, some decisions and conflict about residential responsibilities may not be so easily handled. When there is a snag or dispute pertaining to decisions regarding the child, family law attorney George C. Malonis can be your best option for a favorable resolution for everyone involved.

Know Your Rights

As a specialist in Massachusetts decision making and residential responsibilities, George C. Malonis can help you navigate a wide variety of decisions that need resolution and also help guide you through what your legal rights may be in regards to your child. The issues of health care and education can have a massive impact on a child and a parent may have very strong leanings or opinions when it comes to these issues. With a skilled negotiator by your side, your opinions can be fully expressed and presented to the other side clearly. Also, participation and attempts to stay active in a child’s day to day life may be easier said than done if there is a strained relationship with the other parent. The law firm of George C. Malonis can help ensure your parental rights and access to your child is upheld and honored despite any contention with the other parent. Details of visitation, such as transportation needs or varying schedules, can also be a sticking point where parents may need legal counsel or guidance to resolve. George C. Malonis can examine the details and help present the fairest and most equitable solution for your particular dilemma.

Resolving Differences

Any family law case and decision making and residential responsibility needs are essentially as unique as the family involved. The law firm of George C. Malonis will negotiate, litigate, gather facts and information, take the time to get to know you and what matters to you most, and will do everything possible to resolve any issues as they come about now or in the future. The journey of parenthood is filled with so many unknown and unexpected twists and turns. When parents are always on the same page, it can be a much easier journey. Parents who are struggling with decision making and conflict may need guidance from an outside source who can take a different perspective and approach. George C. Malonis can be your advocate and resource to help ensure the best possible outcome for all of your parenting decisions and conflicts.

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