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Child Custody & Support Laws in Massachusetts & NH

child custody - support lawyer Lowell MANo legal issue may evoke more emotion or may be more important to parents than the issues surrounding child custody, child support and parental rights. Family courts work tirelessly to act in the best interest of the children involved in any custody or support issue. However, there are times when discovering the best course of action and ensuring those best interests are upheld is easier said than done. When there are child custody and child support issues to be determined, you need a family law legal specialist in your corner. You need George C. Malonis.

The law firm of George C. Malonis strives to protect the rights of all children and parents involved in Massachusetts child support and child custody issues. We will always exhibit the compassion and understanding these kinds of cases require. There is too much at stake to not invest in legal representation from a skilled and experienced Massachusetts child custody attorney. We do all we can to ensure our clients rights are protected. George C. Malonis will get to know and your situation and needs, investigate the facts of the case, make sure the health, safety and welfare of the children involved is front and center, and work diligently to get the best resolution for your case.

Child Custody

In Massachusetts, parents must attend a parent education class before the court will establish custody. While a mutual agreement is encouraged, it is not always attainable without court intervention. There are legal custody decisions to be made, such as the religion, education and health issues of a child. There are also physical custody issues to be determined, such as the residence, clothing and food needs of a child. When parents are made aware of the issues that need to be agreed upon, they can set forth with the counsel and guidance of a Massachusetts child custody attorney and develop a mutual parenting plan. This plan can entail deciding how custody is divided, the details of a visitation schedule, and how to modify these obligations as the child grows or as life circumstances evolve. There may even be the need to revisit child custody as issues or concerns arise between parents or parents simply relocate. We can help you navigate these changes and keep the children’s needs and rights intact.

Deciding any of these issues without the guidance of George C. Malonis, the expert Massachusetts child custody lawyer you can count on, can lead to compromising your rights as a parent. As a parent, your first priority is typically the health and welfare of your children. Let our family law expert help you ensure their best interests are put first.

Child Support

There is a set child support formula in Massachusetts that can make it much easier to determine what someone will pay and receive. However, this does not mean you should not secure legal representation when dealing with child support issues. To ensure your rights as a parent and your child’s rights are protected, you should have a trusted Massachusetts child support attorney in your corner.

Child support is set using a number of factors. The gross income of both parents, day care expenses, health care premiums, the number of children, other children supported from a previous relationship, and other financial needs all help determine the amount set for child support.

While the amount set must be adhered to in accordance with the law, there are options for modification of child support. Modifications may be sought for a variety of reasons, including changing needs of the child, relocation of a parent, illness or unemployment of a parent, or other issues that could require revisiting a previous child support ruling.

The law firm of George C. Malonis strives to stay current on any and all changing child support and child custody laws and regulations, particularly when those changes may benefit you and your child. When you are faced with child custody or child support issues, we will fight to protect your rights and interests, and guide you toward the most favorable resolution possible for your case.

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