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Catastrophic Injury Laws in Massachusetts & NH

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Lowell MASuffering any kind of injury due to the recklessness or negligence of another can be devastating and lead to the need for damages. However, there are times when an injury is so severe and life-altering that it can be put into a category all of its own. These are referred to as catastrophic injuries. A catastrophic injury has the most serious consequences and a settlement or damages are not just wanted by someone who has been injured; but absolutely necessary. If you have been the victim of a catastrophic injury, it is imperative that you seek experienced and aggressive legal counsel who will dedicate themselves to fighting for your rights. No one will work harder and with more determination to protect you than George C. Malonis, the Massachusetts and New Hampshire catastrophic injury attorney you can count on.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries can include:

  • Death
  • Brain injury or permanent damage
  • Burns and extensive scarring
  • Paralysis of all kinds
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Loss of limbs or sense, such as sight or hearing
  • Organ damages
  • Other injuries that impact your life greatly or permanently

The severe consequences of a catastrophic injury can lead to overwhelming and even endless medical bills, the need to reconstructive surgery, rehabilitative care that can last years, permanent disability, and also cause an immeasurable amount of stress and anxiety for victims and their families. A victim of a catastrophic injury may find they are never ever to do activities they love again or even work again. The disruption of schooling or inability to handle family obligations like you once did may take an incredible toll on everyone’s lives.

Injury Investigations

The injury itself and the situation that caused it can be complex and difficult to decipher. However, the law firm of George C. Malonis has successfully handled the most complex cases in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We can secure the needed help and guidance of medical experts to fully document your injury and its long term outlook. We will actively investigate the scene of the injury and enlist the help of witnesses. George C. Malonis will also gather any other evidence and use any relatable precedents to help secure the best possible settlement. Your care now and in the future can be not only costly, but overwhelmingly stressful and emotionally draining. With the expert Massachusetts and New Hampshire catastrophic injury attorney from the law firm of George C. Malonis in your corner, you can be sure no one is working harder to help you get what you need to start your road to recovery and your new life. While the catastrophic injury you have suffered may certainly be devastating, the resolution we can help secure for you will help you get your life back and ensure that you are taken care of in every way possible.

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