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209A Restraining Order Lawyer in Massachusetts

209A Restraining orders are a very serious matter in Massachusetts and a much needed resource for those who feel they need one in order to go about their daily lives without fear of threats or violence. Couples who are going through a tumultuous divorce or child custody battle may result in one spouse filing a restraining order against the other if the relationship becomes domestically violent. Whenever there is the need to pursue a restraining order or if you simply need more information as to how a restraining order may help or affect your life, the law firm of George C. Malonis serves clients in Dracut MA, Lowell MA and Nashua NH areas. Attorney Malonis is your source for the most up to date and comprehensive information and advice related to 209A restraining orders. Restraining Order Lawyer Massachusetts

When a 209A restraining order has been issued, there are a number of circumstances and requirements that must be fulfilled and abided by. Some of the most basic laws pertaining to the issuance and enforcement of a 209A restraining order include:

  • The abuser refrain from abusing, harassing, or threatening the victim
  • The abuser must vacate the household
  • The abuser must stay clear of the household, workplace of the victim, or schools
  • There must be no contact, even through a third party
  • The abuser who has left the household must maintain utilities for the home
  • The abuser must surrender fire arms

Any infraction of these requirements can lead to an arrest and more charges.


Who Can Be Filed a Restraining Order?

A 209A restraining order can be placed against a spouse, someone else who shares a household with you, a blood relative, or another person with whom you have a substantial relationship with.

Because there can be long-term and very serious consequences and effects on a person or a family when a 209A restraining order is filed, legal guidance is simply a must. There is also a great deal of compassion needed given the circumstances. Attorney George C. Malonis is a restraining order lawyer who will exhibit the understanding and dedication to protecting your rights and safety during this time. With the intense fear, confusion, and upheaval a 209A restraining order can lead to, knowing there is someone in your corner who is looking out for you, gathering the facts, and helping you understand the entire process can truly help families best deal with situation. A 209A restraining order can impact every area of your life. Let the Massachusetts 209A restraining order expert at the law firm of George C. Malonis help you minimize that impact and help you get the resolution and protection you need and deserve.

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